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Yixio has the answers and is able to solve your greatest obstacles in marketing


What are you doing to ensure more people know about you today than yesterday?


What are you doing to, cross sell, and repeat sell to maximize the lifetime value of your customer base?


What are you doing to proactively manage, protect and monetize your most valuable asset- your reputation?


What are you doing to use your successful relationships to create, new organic opportunities so you can spend less and make more?

Our Answers / Solutions

Local Search Marketing

The following services are activities designed to improve your standings in search bars:

  • Assist you with claiming Google, Bing, Citysearch, Yellowpages
  • Optimize ‘Google Plus’ pages
  • Optimize your existing website
  • Create a Newsletter: Only subscribers will hear of latest cars and discounts specials as well as service coupons.
    • Set up a Bid/Sell page (like eBay), this creates a captive audience…interested bidders will have the opportunity to come in for a road test
    • Create a ‘I Am Looking For’ page. Never lose a site user because you do not have desired car. Just create a link and page, so the site user can give us information on interested car. The dealership can contact the site user when they have the car or interest, or a similar one, in the future.
  • Website (WordPress) Design Services for those dealerships that do not have a website
  • Build citations
  • Provide Back linking
  • Light social media work
  • Create a monthly press release
  • Article marketing

Email Marketing

Our email marketing services are comprised of four basic areas of concentration:

  • An auto responder program will do wonders for your dealerships. With custom email templates we’ve created, you can be assured the customer will respond. This only works well with a website where a lead expresses interest in the car. Using an auto responder, the prospective customer will automatically get a response, which ensures them a follow-up call within 4 hrs.
  • Get testimonials from older customers by reaching out to them with an added incentive.
  • Regular Seasonal/Monthly Email blasts to past customers with time stamped coupons
  • We will work together to find ways to capture emails in store.

Referral Program

We have designed a unique referral program for customers as well as nearby businesses. Blending of direct mail marketing and online advertising on social media sites, our referral program requires reaching out to recent customers with a cash incentive. Additionally, we reach out body shops owners and other auto related business workers.

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