Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOT included in the monthly fee that will also be needed?

The cost of postage, envelopes, and printing of the mail pieces is not included in the monthly fee. The amount of prospects you choose to mail will determine the exact cost of your postage and production of the mail pieces. Additionally, the cost of a domain name, such and monthly website hosting costs are also not included.

How much extra will I have to spend each month in addition to the monthly fee?
This depends on you. Like I said before, postage, production, domain names and hosting are not included in the monthly fee. So, if you choose to mail 1,500 postcards and purchase a website name for that specific marketing campaign, you will have to pay the production costs for those items.
Can I pay the setup fee and monthly fee by cash, check or credit card?
You can pay in any way that’s convenient for you. However, the preferred method of payment is by setting up an automatic bill payment using your credit card through, which doesn’t share your confidential information with anyone. It’s an completely anonymous payment that protects your credit card information. Using automatic billing would avoid any unintentional billing issues. However, any method of payment is accepted.
Do I have to send out all of the mailers every month or can I “pause” the campaign some months?

You can choose to only send out the mailers on the months that you want. Since there are costs associated with sending mailers, I understand if you want to “pause” the campaign for a month or two. However, I would strongly suggest that you set aside money each month to send mailers out. Doing your marketing monthly is the only way to avoid having slow months with little to no sales coming in.

Once I pay the setup fee, how long before I start seeing results?
If you follow the marketing plan, you will begin seeing results in as little as 7 to 10 days. The online Internet marketing and first mail campaign begins immediately, so that you can quickly
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get results.
What if I sign-up now, but over the next several weeks or months I don’t have the money to pay your monthly fee?

If you find yourself in this situation, call me immediately. However, you have to take a close look at how you run your business. For example, I find that most business owners spend $8,000 to $10,000 PER MONTH on bringing in new inventory, but then claim to not have $1,500 for marketing. My suggestion is to slow down on buying inventory, so that you have the money to invest in marketing your business. After all, you don’t make profit by buying product from manufacturers; you only make profit when customers buy from you. And the ONLY way to consistently get customers is to consistently be marketing!

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time as long as you give me 30 days written notice. However, once you cancel, you must stop using any and all marketing materials, websites, slogans, etc. that I created for your business. The reason for the monthly fee is to provide you with a license to use anything that I create for your business. Once you stop paying, then you agree to stop using the marketing materials.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. I guarantee to provide all the products and services that are stated in the package you select. However, it’s up to you to actually close the prospect and turn them into a customer when they walk into your business. I will provide all the tools and resources for you to do that, but ultimately YOU AND YOUR STAFF have to sell the prospect when they walk into your business.
Will you work with other business’s in my area that are just like mine?
No. You are the only car dealership that I will work on in your state. I want you to be successful, so I will focus on making you the dominant business in your state.


How will you update me on the marketing strategies you're doing for my business?

Once per month you will receive a detailed marketing status report that tells you exactly the websites, mail pieces, coupons, ads etc. that have been completed for you that month. This way you know exactly what I am doing to market your business.